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Guitar Cutter, Mandoline 2000, Silform for Tartlets, Exoglass Cutters, Pate de Fruits, Relief Pastry Mats, Christmas Log, Silpat, Roul’pat, Flexipat, Florentines, Mini Cylinders, “Tatin” Apple Tarts, Jumbo Muffins, Darioles, Brioche, Fluted Brioche, Tea Cakes, Biscuits, Financiers, Ingot, Champagne Biscuit, Ingot with Indent, Christmas Log Inserts, Petits-Fours, Medallions, Quiches, Pies, Half-Moons, Fluted Tartlets, Round Savarins, Oval Savarins, Flans, Square Savarins, Half-Spheres, Hearts, Flat Hearts, Rosace Shape, Charlottes, Mini Charlottes, Madeleines, Mini Madeleines, Mini Cones, Savarin Sapphire, Sapphire, Magnetic One Hour Timer, Pocket Digital Thermometer, Candy Thermometer, Wire protected Candy Thermometer, Glass Syrup Density Tester, Stainless Steel Syrup Density Test Tube, Chocolate Thermometer, Chocolate mold sheets, PVC sheets for Chocolate, Guitar sheets for Chocolate, Nonstick Fiberglass baking sheet, Chocolate Rabbit Form sheet mold, Chocolate Egg sheet molds, Heavy Duty Copper Pot, Pastry Spatula, Offset Spatula, Confectionary Funnel, Stand for Funnel, Kitchen Turner, Chocolate Peel, Cake Server, Cake Knife, Baker’s Blades, Stainless Steel Cake Server, Sculpting Knives, Marzipan Sculpting Set, Tiered Cake Display, Aluminum Rolling Pin, Chocolate Dipping Forks, Piano Whisk, Egg Whisk, Scalloped Tips, Pastry Filling Tubes, Round Rubber Scraper, Dough Cutter, Lattice Dough Cutter, Croissant Cutter BLades, Universal Adjusting Dough Cutter, Dough Slicer, Adjustable Dough Cutter, Bicyclette, Plain Square Cutter Set, Vol-au-Vent Cutter Set, Heart Shaped Cutters, Flat Pastry Brush, Flexipan Cutters, Gastroflex, Icing Comb, Pastry Comb, Lady Finger Sheet, French Bread Pan, Madeleine Sheet, Plain Tartlet Mold, Scalloped Tartlet Mold, Nonstick Tartlet Mold, Small Flan RIng, Plain Tart Ring, Round Metal Ring, Convex Triangle, Round Bottomless Ring, Mousse Ring, Piping Tips, Perforated Sheet Pans, Half Sheet, Full Sheet, Stackable Mousse Frame, Couche, Banneton, Banneton Linen Lined, Pullman Loaf Pan, Brioche Tin, Baba Mold, Cannele Molds and More.......

For the baker and the pastry chef, quality small wares and specialty equipment are an essential part of daily production. Not only do they enable us to create unique products, they also increase efficiency in labor and reduce food waste.

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